Where have all the children gone
They were there when I was young
I used to see them every day
As up and down the streets we'd play
On tricycle's and wooden carts
From old pram wheels and other parts
And countless games of let's pretend
Filled days that never seemed to end...
Cuts and bruises, grazing knees
Falling out of apple trees
Daisy chains under the sun
Or snowmen built for winter fun
Collecting tadpoles in glass jars
Conker fights in the school yard
The years on innocence were long
Now where have all the children gone
Childhood now a fleeting thing
With barely time to laugh and sing
Before the media has its say
To show the kids a different way
And tells them that they have to be
Like some obscure celebrity
Too soon believing they have grown
And having children of their own
Losing the freedom of their teens
That's meant to bridge the gap between
The childhood years and adulthood
From such a loss can come no good
The body may be almost grown
But it's the brain that's still too young
Emotionally I'll equipped
To live adult relationships
TV and glossy magazines
Erode innocent childhood dreams
And unrestricted Internet
Make small the generation gap
So let the children play and run
Their innocence won't last for long
And thankful I will always be
That I grew in naivety