I Met A Girl


I met a girl so young and fair
With deepest eyes and golden hair
All down her back it flowed so long
She filled my heart with love and song
Her slender body strong and firm
Made butterflies inside me turn
And in that body so divine
There beats a heart of love sublime...
A heart with so much love to give
Only a fool would want to live
And not share in her tenderness
Or feel the touch of her caress
That such a beauty knows my name
Causes in me such a flame
The like of which I've never known
In all the years since I was born
Her tender heart that trusts in me
And let me past her wall to see
That fragile love and purest soul
Now the most precious gift I hold
And hold it safe I truly will
I'll cause no pain or do no ill
I'll tell no lie and cause no strife
On this I swear with all my life
Despite the cards that fate has dealt
A sweeter love I've never felt
So when my time on earth is through
I'll be at peace now I've known you.