Ridin' The Slipstream


Across the land like ribbons lay
The miles and miles of motorway
Where wagons rumble and cars fly
And motorcycles whistle by
Families, truckers, white van man
These roads the life blood of the land
The engines roar the diesel smell
For many they're a living hell
But to a very special breed...
Who live a motorcycle creed
They hold the opportunity
Of ultimate tranquility
Though known to many still few dare
To risk their lives by going there
For in a heartbeat death may come
And lay waste the unwary one
Yet worth the risk this heaven be
Just once in your eternity
So Leave your full face helmet home
And leave your leathers well alone
Let your body feel the wind
Give rain free rein to pelt your skin
Be one with what you sit astride
And to that super highway ride
Then twist the throttle back and go
weaving through the traffic flow
Damn the world and damn the rules
The speed limit is just for fools
Ride it hard untill at last
You feel your blood pumping fast
Electric tingles on your skin
Now you're alive, you can begin
A speeding truck, not hard to find
Just choose one and drop in behind
Then you'll begin to feel a blast
As the slipstream hurries past
Push it on into the wind
And feel the buffering begin
Onward onward bravely go
As the wind rocks you to and fro
Throttle open quell your fears
The roar like thunder in your ears
So close will that wagon be
That soon it's all that you can see
Ease it forward fight not flight
Keep an eye on his tail light
Then suddenly you break on through
Behind the truck a foot or two
Hold the throttle, cover brakes
Now's not the time to make mistakes
Surrounded now by perfect peace
The howling wind a gentle breeze
And deep within this world apart
You can hear your beating heart
A perfect silence so serene
A match for any pastures green
Each second seems a minute long
But easily can things go wrong
I warn you now don't push your luck
And stay too long behind that truck
Each moment you remain inside
The less the chance you will survive
So kill the throttle and fall back
Once more feel the wind attack
But soon you're out and on your way
To carry on your normal day
But those few moments of your ride
Will live forever more inside
So free your soul, try not to die
Let lesser riders moan and cry
For truly free you've never been
Until you've ridden the slipstream