The Invisible Woman


You saw the invisible woman today
Minding her business nothing to say
Coffee for breakfast mustn't be late
Dropping off kids at the school gate
Picking up groceries on her way home
Spending her day mostly alone
Cleaning the house washing to do
A bit of ironing, stops for a brew
Beds are all made dishes are done
She sits for a while, no time for fun...
Back to the school to pick up the kids
Listens to all of the things that they did
They run through the house, watch some TV
She's in the kitchen cooking the tea
Same time of day hubby gets home
"I'm working too hard" his usual moan
He'll go up to change, leave his stuff on the floor
Has no idea what washing baskets are for
Tea dishes done family all fed
She's tidied again tucked the kids up in bed
Time to sit down at the end of the day
Watch some TV doesn't have much to say
Tomorrow she'll do it all over again
Wouldn't mind a small thank you just now and then
You saw the invisible woman today
As you went up to bed at the end of the day
When you looked in the mirror as you always do
The invisible woman looked back at you