England’s Green and Pleasant Land



In England’s green and pleasant land

The corridors of power stand

As testament to history

Of freedom and democracy

But where once walked the just and strong

Even their echoes are now gone

Westminster now a viper’s pit

And filled with little more than shit

Good voices lost amongst the cries

Of screeching vultures and their lies

These specimens’ hearts full of greed

Who think themselves a special breed

In truth not fit to wash the feet

Of those who serve and those who treat

Maggots tucked up in their homes

Kept safe and out of reach of harm

Send out the best of British young

To face the bullet and the bomb

And yet do nothing to the scum

Who rob and mug and live for wrong

They cut from all good services

But nothing from their pockets give

And sons of Islam filled with hate

Make bombs and plots of life to take

With thoughts of virgins yet to come

As reward for their martyrdom


The Imams preach their words of hate

It’s not their lives that they forsake

They send their youth to spill their blood

Corrupters of what once was good

We hate the ones that do the deed

But it’s those who, filled with greed

That power hungry warp and twist

And young minds sometimes can’t resist

Yet politicians live in fear

As do the evil preachers here

Lest black and yellow, brown and white

Should suddenly one day unite

And cry enough, we’ll have no more

You can no longer rape the poor

Or preach your spiteful creed of lies

And send the children out to die

In truth it’s only you and I

Who let them lord on us from high

From fragile towers they sneer down

At us below them on the ground

The masters wield their favourite tool

Their only strength, divide and rule

Yet tottering their towers stand

Upon the backs of common man

But we below can tear them down

And send them bloodied from our town