I Used To Dream


I used to dream of dragons wings

Of pirate ships and elfin kings

In lands where hearts were bold and true

And men told tales of daring do

Where right was might and wrong was weak

And justice never turned its cheek

Where darkness was a dreadful sight

Yet looked in fear upon the light

Where evil fell before the sword

And kindness was its own reward

But that's all gone and been replaced

By angels hair and angels face

A beauty so beyond compare

There is none like her anywhere

No princess fair from days of yore

Nor any beauty in folklore

Can hold a candle to her grace

Or match the wonder of her face

No worthy man has claimed her heart

And lesser suitors soon depart

To know they were not good enough

To ever hope to win her love

So happy am I now I find

I've left my childhood dreams behind

Now when my working day is through

I close my eyes and dream of you