Hard To Find


It's hard to find someone to trust
Someone who's always there
To listen to your troubles
And who'll genuinely care
Someone who will support you
And help you to be strong
But who will always tell you
If sometimes you are wrong
A friend who will defend you
When the world is closing in...
And protect you so the bad in life
Can never hope to win
Someone to share your secrets with
Without need to explain
Who'll never ever judge you
Or expect you to feel shame
Someone you can laugh with
Or behave just like a child
Who'll understand your mood
When you are angry sad or wild
Someone to share a coffee with
Or treat you when you're poor
Someone to lay and cuddle with
Who'll never ask for more
It hard to find a friend like that
Some people never do
And I'm forever blessed to have found
Such a friend in you.